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Madhya Pradesh seeks GI tag for the fruit of the endangered baobab in Mandu

Mandu, in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh, is perhaps the only place in India where baobab trees are found in abundance, with an estimated 1,000 trees in the periphery of Mandu town. Aside from Mandu where it is most abundant, baobab trees have been recorded in Prayagraj (formerly Allahabad) in Uttar Pradesh, Wai in Maharashtra, and some places in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh.

World’s Best Turmeric Lakadong

Turmeric and curcumin have a variety of interesting biological activities, but they’re challenging to study because curcumin is unstable (it easily changes into other substances) and has low bioavailability (not much of it reaches the bloodstream) when it’s taken orally

What Makes Meghalaya’s Lakadong Turmeric So Special & The Best In The World?

Meghalaya is known for its stunning landscapes, lush greenery, and vibrant cultural heritage. Among its many treasures, one stands out as a golden gem: Lakadong Turmeric. It is renowned for its vibrant colour, intense flavour, and potent medicinal properties. Renowned for its exceptional quality and unique properties, Lakadong Turmeric has gained recognition.

Cattle Breeds in India: List of Best Animal Breeds in India

India boasts a diverse range of cattle breeds, including Bos indicus (zebu) types like Gir and Sahiwal, each uniquely adapted to local environments and serving vital roles in agriculture and culture. Choosing the top six cattle breeds in India is a challenging task due to the presence of around 40 distinct cattle breeds and 13 buffalo breeds.

Nectar from Nature’s Own Dairy Diva : A2 GIR COW GHEE

The cow is considered sacred in Indian tradition and is worshipped as a mother because man depends highly on nutritious milk and dairy products. The A2 cow, which is native to India, is regarded as the most prestigious cow breed and thus all products made from its milk have high nutritional and cultural value.

Exploring the Wonders of Lakadong Turmeric from Meghalaya

Lakadong Turmeric, known as one of the best turmerics in the world, is sourced from a village in Meghalaya’s Jaintia Hills. While turmeric in general offers a plethora of health advantages, the Meghalaya-grown variety stands out due to its remarkable curcumin content, which is exceptionally conducive to bolstering immunity.

How can Baobab help your child achieve excellence?

The baobab tree is the longest living tree with many therapeutic uses. Almost all parts of this tree, including the fruits and leaves, are edible. The benefits of baobab are many and can be attributed to its dietary fiber, polyphenolic compounds, and a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

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