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We aim to help people lead a happier and healthier lifestyle by bringing nature’s hidden treasures closer to them. We endeavor to revolutionalize the health industry by providing natural & organic solutions over chemical ones.


Arusha is all about harnessing nature’s power by identifying the most potent natural ingredients based on scientific evidence and creating sustainable ways to get organic nutrition in it’s purest form. We aim to become a trustworthy brand in providing health & wellness solutions, by bringing nature’s hidden treasures to your doorstep. We do this by not only focusing on our customers but on all the stakeholders. Guiding a positive change in their life is equally significant to us. Sustainably sourced so that every purchase makes a positive impact. We are religiously passionate about healthy living and want everyone to lead a healthier lifestyle. We cannot do it alone so we welcome anyone who shares this passion and join our Creed.


Aditya Todi

“How is that even possible?” That was my first reaction when I stumbled upon Baobab during my business adventures in Africa. So, I’m not surprised when people find it hard to believe the extend of benefits of Baobab. Being an IIM alumni, I’m trained not to trust marketing gimmicks. So, i dug deeper. After months of research and curating evidence of its potency like the USDA site, lab report etc I had found my treasure. Being a health enthusiast and being someone who consumes other superfoods like moringa, spirulina, i was surprised that I missed it. I actually missed it because it’s not in India. And that is how I found our mission in life at Arusha along with this treasure. That mission is to bring nature’s hidden treasure to people and enable them to lead a healthier and happier life.

Vinayak Aggarwal

When I heard about Baobab from Aditya, I got really excited. Who wouldn’t? I have been going to gym for almost everyday for last 4 years and tried almost all supplements. For the last 2 years i have tried to move towards natural foods and Baobab seemed too good to be true. Having discovered the benefits of a healthy lifestyle first-hand (becoming a gal-getter from gol-gappa), I shared Aditya’s passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle. We got together and researched more about other natural sources. Not to our surprise, nature’s lab is much ahead of corporates’ R&D departments. Our mission now is to find these miracles and bring Nature’s Best to your Doorstep.

Arpit Todi

People are becoming smarter and more aware. Which means we are moving towards a healthy, organic and natural lifestyle. A brand like Arusha is well-placed to enable this transition. What inspires me most is Arusha’s values. True to our vision of enabling people to lead healthier lives. We price our products on a cost-plus basis instead of however more a certain section is willing to pay. We want to ensure that both your healthy lifestyle bill and medical bill are at a minimum.

How It All Began


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