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Glowing Skin

Builds Immunity

Supports Gut Health

Reduces Fatigue

Regulates Blood Pressure

Stronger Bones & Joints

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Baobab fruit powder comes from the fruit of the baobab tree, which has been revered throughout Africa as “the Tree of Life” for centuries. It is the only fruit in world that dries naturally on the branch. The shell of the fruit is cracked open to obtain the pulp which is sieved to obtain Arusha baobab powder. It is a powerful superfood with 50% dietary fiber. Rich in vitamin C, B3, B6, antioxidants and minerals including calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium. It is important for healthy gut, radiant skin, and a strong immune system. Baobab Powder tastes tangy and citrussy. Our premium quality baobab powder is sustainably sourced from the local community, so that every purchase makes a positive impact.



Supports Gut Health – Baobab powder is 50% fiber with both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber which is prebiotic in nature, acts as food for the good bacteria in your gut, which helps keep the whole microbiome balanced. Insoluble fiber promotes the movement of food through your digestive system and increases stool bulk, thereby helping with constipation and preventing digestive problems. Amazing case study on Hadza Tribe

Weight Management – Foods rich in Fiber like Baobab powder promote feeling of satiety, thereby reducing the calorie intake and aiding in weight loss.

Regulates Blood Sugar – Researchers at the Oxford Brookes University in the UK demonstrated that baobab powder helps regulate blood sugar. Baobab powder has low Glycemic index and is rich in soluble dietary fiber, which slows down the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose.

Boosts Immunity – Baobab powder is a rich source of vitamin C. The human body cannot make its own vitamin C, so we need to make sure we get a good supply from the foods to keep our immune system strong.

Reduces Fatigue and Tiredness – Intake of vitamin C before exercise promotes post work out recovery. This is supported by a study conducted by the University of North Carolina (2006) who found that participants taking doses of vitamin C before exercise reported less muscle soreness compared to the group who took a placebo.

Promotes Glowing Skin – According to the Journal of Nutrition, Baobab fruit has the highest Antioxidant content of any fruit. Antioxidants reduce oxidative damage to cells and support collagen formation, thereby giving you glowing skin and preventing wrinkles.

Regulates Blood Pressure – Being a rich source of calcium and potassium, Baobab powder regulates blood pressure by improving blood circulation in the body.

Iron Absorption – Vitamin C is required to help body absorb iron, so pairing iron with vitamin C increases absorption. Baobab is unique in the sense that it is a rich source of both iron and vitamin C.

Balances Body’s pH levels – Baobab is considered to be one of the highest alkaline foods available with a PRAL (Potential Renal Acid Load) rating of -52. The Journal of Environmental Health (2012) found that alkaline foods can help defend our bodies from chronic diseases and ailments (such as hypertension, arthritis and deficiency in vitamin D).



In Africa, Baobab (Adansonia) is known as the “tree of life” as it symbolises life, longevity and hope where little else can survive. It can reach 40 meter in height, and 30 meter in diameter around the trunk. Baobabs are known to live for more than 2000 years. Baobab has 8 species of which 6 are native to Madagascar, 1 is found in Australia and 1 is found in the African continent. A single tree can hold upto 20000 gallons of water in its trunk. It is a succulent, which means that during the rainy season it absorbs and stores water in its vast trunk, enabling it to produce a nutrient-dense fruit in the dry season when all around is dry and arid.


Arusha is all about harnessing nature’s power by identifying the most potent natural ingredients based on scientific evidence and creating sustainable ways to get nutrition in it’s purest form. We aim to become a trustworthy brand in providing health & wellness solutions, by bringing nature’s best to your doorstep. We do this by not only focusing on our customers but on all the stakeholders. Guiding a positive change in their life is equally significant to us. Sustainably sourced so that every purchase makes a positive impact. We are religiously passionate about healthy living and want everyone to lead a healthier lifestyle.

We cannot do it alone so we welcome anyone who shares this passion and join our Creed.


Baobab is the fruit of Africa’s iconic “The Tree of Life”. Baobab Tree has 8 species of which 6 are native to Madagascar, 1 is found in Australia and 1 is found around African continent. Baobab is the only fruit in the world that dries naturally on the branch. For more fascinating facts on Baobab, Follow us!!!

It is pronounced bay-o-bab, ba-o-bab or ba-u-bab, depending where you are in Africa.

Our fruits are harvested by women in rural Africa. The shell of the fruit is cracked open to obtain pulp which is grounded and sieved to obtain 100% raw and natural Baobab Powder. As the fruit pulp naturally dries, we don’t heat or chemically process to make our powder.

Our baobab powder has little tangy, citrusy flavour and is tad sweet. It is also described as light lemon sherbet.

Baobab is an exceptionally nutrient-dense with 50% dietary fiber. It is a rich source of Vitamin C, B3, B6 and is packed with Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium & Iron. According to the Journal of Nutrition, Baobab fruit has the highest Antioxidant content of any fruit on Earth. If you find it hard to believe then google it.

Some of the known benefits of Baobab Powder are –
1. Supports Gut Health
2. Helps with Constipation
3. Builds Immunity
4. Promotes Glowing Skin
5. Regulating Blood Sugar
6. Weight Management
But considering its miraculousness, there can be more. Consume it to find it

Thanks to its unique tangy flavor, Arusha baobab powder can be easily incorporated in the diet in folowing ways –
1. Added to water, juices (preferablly orange, mosambi), smoothies
2. Mixed into yogurt, porridge, cereals, or baked goods
3. Sprinkled on salad, popcorn, anything you like
For more tips, follow our recipe page

Baobab Powder is 50% fiber with both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber can help improve digestion & lower blood sugar, while insoluble fiber can soften stool, making it easier to pass.

We recommend taking minimum 1 scoop (10g) of Arusha Baobab Powder per day to enjoy maximum health benefits. Just like any fruit, its really up to you how much you want to take.

There are no known side effects caused by the consumption of baobab powder.

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    Amazing product i take with my protein

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    My digestion has improved significantly after taking Baobab regularly

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  4. Baobab powder has helped me with my constipation. I have been taking it in lukewarm water before bedtime and have been seeing great result in the morning. I hope my shit becomes like softy in future hahahaha!

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  5. The best product!!!!

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All Baobabs are deciduous trees ranging in height from 5 to 20 meters. The Baobab tree is a strange looking tree that grows in low-lying areas in Africa and Australia. It can grow to enormous sizes and carbon dating indicates that it may live to be 3,000 years old. One ancient hollow Baobab tree in Zimbabwe is so large that up to 40 people can shelter inside its trunk. Various Baobabs have been used as a shop, a prison, a house, a storage barn and a bus shelter. The tree is certainly very different from any other. The trunk is smooth and shiny, not at all like the bark of other trees, and it is pinkish grey or sometimes copper coloured.