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You Are What You Eat !!!

Majority of the meat (chicken, pork, beef, fish, mutton, etc) found in the market is contaminated with fecal residues, toxic pollutants like dioxins, antibiotics, hormones and salt injections. There is a reason we hear about nutritional benefits of consuming meat and not about its downside – huge corporate budget drive their promotion. This is the same reason we never see a commercial for sweet potatoes.

Fecal Residue – Birds are typically hung by a metal hook, which too often puctures their intestines and can expel feces onto the flesh itself.

Toxic Pollutants – Dioxins can build up in the fatty tissues of animals. WHO reports that nearly all of human’s exposure to dioxins is through meat. Dioxins can cause reproductive problems, damage the immune system, interfere with hormones and also cause cancer.

Antibiotics – Animals get antibiotics and develop resistant bacteria in gut. This passes onto humans with meat and may cause infections.

Hormones – Growth hormones are often used to help meat animals grow faster or produce leaner meat. This when passed onto humans can be harmful.

Salt injections – Salt is injected in the meat to draw in water, so that weight can be increased by 20%. Since, meat is sold by weight, that’s 20% more profit for very little cost.

People who still wish to consume meat should avoid restaurants and other food outlets as the source of meat is unknown, and rather buy directly from a local butcher who charges a premium for ensuring no above contamination is present in the meat.


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